Like groundwater, data is an integral part of our everyday lives. We eat, sleep and dream data. But do we really understand the facts and figures we produce?

Beyond raising awareness, Livestream aims to expand our environmental literacy by serving as an innovative analytic tool for the exploration of our water ways.

As theorist and technologist, Lev Manovich points out: the rise of tools that process data make possible fundamentally new ways to understand the world and our places in it.

Using an intuitive interface inspired by DJ decks to create original soundtracks, folks exploring Livestream's interactive online archive will be able to see and hear how Kentucky's water ways change over time. By mashing up sounds ⁄data, people can compare and contrast, for example, groundwater temperatures in the Bluegrass with those in the Pennyroyal or Kentucky Coalfields.

Integrated into this playful investigation will be facts, figures and questions that [dis]assemble our water ways as an environmental as well as economic and social practice.

The resulting rhythms and dissonance have the potential to provoke novel interpretations and, ultimately, innovations toward the sustainment of Kentucky's groundwater.