Beyond serving as a provocative framework for increasing environmental awareness, Livestream aims to expand environmental literacy by serving as an innovative analytic tool for the exploration of groundwater data. How? Experimentation.

Livestream: An Interactive Archive
Winter 2015 – Fall 2016

Groundwater data gleaned from springs and wells across Kentucky will be uploaded to the Livestream website in conjunction with the corresponding audio composed by local artists. Phase two of the project will transform this archive into an interactive platform for mixing/studying groundwater quality.

Visitors to the site will be able to: (a) listen to the archived data/sounds; (b) create unique studies/mixes of groundwater quality by mashing-up a variety of geologic data such as geography, pH, temperature, conductivity, etc; (c) upload, download, and share their individual studies/mixes; and (d) discuss their findings, ie comment on one another’s compositions.

An intuitive user interface inspired by the design of DJ decks will serve as the platform for this playful investigation by visualizing the analysis of data as soundtracks are composed. The resulting rhythms, harmonies, and/or dissonance has the potential to provoke novel insights, interpretations, and, ultimately, innovations toward the sustainment of Kentucky’s groundwater!