Our water ways are complex. In order to understand this vast network of agents and infrastructures, Public Works—a design-led research collaborative—brings together folks from a diversity of disciplines and demographics, including:





Kiersten believes passionately in the power of creativity—the power to ask: why? what if...? and how might we...? In 2013, she founded Public Works as a platform for catalyzing creative civic engagement by expanding the capacities of individuals and organizations to understand how they can and do impact their environment—be it a patch of grass, park or public policy.





Ben tells stories. By translating his experiences into poignant melodies, he communicates across cultures. “In the end, that’s what folk music is all about— each of us telling our own story.”





From bag pipes and banjo to hydrogeology, Bart is a jack-of-all trades. At the Kentucky Geological Survey, he manages the Groundwater Data Repository.



Creative Technologist


As a transmedia artist and engineer with a PhD in neuroscience, Sean builds innovative technologies to understand the human condition from a diversity of perspectives. His mantra? Build, break, learn…repeat.





As a LEED-certified builder and DSNY Master Composter, Jon could just as easily be found planting a pylon as a pepper. For details regarding how to build your own composter, check out Jon’s chapter in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Easy Compost Handbook.





Sampling from the languages of design and music-making, Zach's work ranges from digital research tools and services to physical products intended to subvert the influence of algorithmic inference on our lives.




Where most see outdated infrastructure or underutilized space, Bland sees opportunities for innovation. He's a MacGyver of sorts who can take a simple idea, roll up his sleeves and physically construct a wonderland around it.





Some people have a way with words, Dan has myriad. He works closely with individuals and organizations to identify the elusive who, what and why in order to determine the how…and then, makes it happen. 


...and you?

Absolutely! There are many ways you can contribute to the development of more sustainable water ways. 

Join the team. Drop us a line and tell us how your unique ideas, skills or experiences will expand our capacity to raise environmental awareness, literacy and accountability from the ground, up!

Or donate. Your tax-deductible donation will contribute to the development of Kentucky's first integrated groundwater monitoring network.

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